A Minute Flowering Poster.jpg

A Minute Flowering

41 Varick Avenue, Brooklyn
June 27th, 7pm + June 29th, 7pm, 10pm

Queer mythos plays which make old myths queer and make new queer narratives mythic.

An evening of short queer fantasy plays performed in varied and experimental styles, comprised of: Jeremy Geragotelis’ Poems and Sketches, which confront questions of memory and identity, and Singer Joy’s Tree Plays, a set of three expressionistic works of heightened poetic language and bold physicality.  

Both Geragotelis and Joy’s work challenge conception of time, meaning, and dramatic form. Side by side, these two writer’s work is a theatrical experience that constructs new queer mythologies in unexpected forms.

Poster design by Mariya Pilipenko 2019